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Why do you need Computer Sun-Glasses?

Everyday use digital screens emits harmful Blue Light.

Blue Light long exposition can cause several problems:

Digital Eyestain

Long hours in front of digital screens leads to eye fatigue. Long-term might lead to macular degeneration.

Headackes & Migraines

Spending more than 4 hours in front of digital screens can cause headacke and migraines.

Sleeping Issues

Blue Light affects our circadian rhythm. It blocks the creation of melatonine can worsten night's sleep.


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What is the Blue Light?

Blue light refers to a portion of the light wavelength that can be seen by human eyes and that is considered to be potentially tiring at the retinal level when exposed to it on a regular basis.

This blue-violet light can be typically found within the 380-500 nm wavelength, and is naturally emitted by the sun, and artificially emitted by digital screens such as smartphones, Tvs and tablets.

Is the Blue Light only artificial?

No. Blue light surrounds us in our everyday life. Blue Light is the reason why the sky is blue.

Blue light is also responsible for regulating the circadian rhythms of our bodies: the sleep/wake cycles. That’s why, when overexposed to blue light, especially at night, sleep routines can be seriously affected, and computer vision syndrome symptoms might appear.

Blue Light protection can help you.

People minimizing blue light exposure have noticed an improvement on well-being. In particular, people using blue light blocking devices have noticed an improvement on the ability to focus, and also decreres to be able to sleep better.

Wearing computer glasses reduces the Computer vision syndrome [CVS] symptoms. Additionally, people notice a reduction of glare and eye stain which is connect to the long hours in front of digital screens.

ÒCIO Premium Lenses protects your eyes.

With ÒCIO frames you both minimize Blue Light exposure and block 100% of Sun UV rais. With just one frame you are going to protect with great style your eyes.

ÒCIO's Premium Quality Lenses block the Blue Light under 410nm and 45% of the Blue Light on the 410nm - 450nm spectrum.

The Italian Design Frame looks Smart while using them in front of digital screens. And looks Cool when wearing the magnetic Sunglass Clip-on while enjoying the sun.

What they say about Blue Light

Business Insider
Business Insider

"Our eyes aren't naturally built for prolonged direct exposure to blue light."

The Vision Council
The Vision Council

"Digital screens are a ubiquitous part of modern life, and it's up to each of us to be proactive and make good choices to protect our eyes and our overall health."

Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business Review

"In a study among managers and customer service representatives, the blue light filtering glasses improved both sleep and work outcomes."


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